Atnip Well & Pump Service, Inc.

Atnip Well & Pump Service, Inc. is a family run business that was founded in 2007 in Lander WY by Terry Atnip.

Terry is a third generation water well driller and pump installer. Terry’s wife Robyn left her career and joined the team full time in 2016 to better serve their clients as the business grew. Atnip Well & Pump Service, Inc. has the ability and experience to take care of all your water needs from drilling a well, to installing pumps, water lines, pressure tanks and control boxes in your home.

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Atnip Well & Pump Service, Inc.

Atnip Well & Pump Service, Inc. is a family run business.

Atnip Well & Pump Service, Inc. was founded in 2007.

Atnip Well & Pump Service, Inc. water well drilling

Residential, agriculture, and commercial water well drilling. We serve all of Wyoming and are also licensed in Colorado. We have capabilities of drilling with air and mud drilling. We also go to surrounding states to plug and abandon existing wells. Wells are plugged with either cement or bentonite while pumping from the bottom of the casing up with a tremie pipe. We drill and install piping for closed loop geothermal systems.

Drilling for Water

Depending on what we are drilling through will determine how we drill. If we are drilling through loose sand and gravel we will drill with mud that will help hold the sand and gravel back. If needed we can drive steel casing through big boulders and gravel to hold them back while we drill deeper. In granite or other hard rock areas we use a down the hole hammer bit. There are many approaches that will vary depending on the formations we are drilling through.

A completed well consists of a hole drilled, casing set and secured with gravel pack and either bentonite chips, grout or cement. We follow all state guidelines when completing a well. For an additional charge we would then install your pump, pressure tank and run a water line to tie in to your house or whatever the case may be.

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